09 April 2014

Urban Dwellers for Models Handbook vol.03

My contribution for online magazine Models Handbook vol.03 featuring up and coming models currently based in Jakarta. Check out their site www.models-handbook.com for booker and agency details as well as other wonderful editorials by other photographers. Thanks Lukimages and team for letting me be a part of this! <3

Stylist: Andhika Dharmapermana
Make-up & Hair: Jeidy 

Tatyana Akman @ The A Team

08 April 2014

Kinez Riza

OMG it's been a while since I've updated. Been so crazy and busy. I'll try and update again asap. I actually am a bit of a lost as to what I should post first. So I guess here goes. This is the latest portrait editorial for Indonesia Tatler April 2014 featuring fine art photographer Kinez Riza. I am always quite worried to shoot another photographer because I know that I'm never up to par. But I hope this captures her, somewhat. m(_ _)m Major apologies if I didn't do quite a good job. Btw, check out her exhibition/portfolio/work if you have a chance. Her work is insanely awesome!

13 February 2014


Just some random pics of last year's travels to Spain and France. I fell in love with Madrid and Bilbao and San Sebastian.... and Lyon. I hope I can revisit it more thoroughly someday. And the pictures certainly didn't do it justice. I didn't take my wide angle lens with me 'cause I wanted to travel light (I am actually saving for a lighter camera... somewhere in the vicinity of an Olympus or Fuji, but I actually have found none that I liked so far... any suggestions?). But yeah, the result of this is that there are tons of images that I needed to stitch, hence the less than perfect panoramas. But I truly enjoyed taking those. Pretty fun. More to come! (I hope hehe)

Panorama view of Barcelona, Spain

Inside the Sagrada di Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, famous for its architecture by the infamous Gaudi. I was literally mesmerised and was in total awe of its awesomeness.

Another cathedral in Barcelona.

Panorama view of Montserratt, Spain

Inside the cathedral in Borges, Spain. Mindblowing and so enchanting!

Panorama view of San Sebastian, Spain

 The summer royal palace in San Sebastian, Spain

Inside of the cathedral in Lourdes, France

16 January 2014

fréj blanc

A shoot commissioned by fréj to feature their runway pieces (they opened the Cleo Fashion Award 2013 show, which was part of the Jakarta Fashion Week event last October). The shoot features make-up and hair by Dewi Darmawan and models Katya Talanova and Julia Kotuleva from Damn-Inc. I was suppose to post this last month, but I didn't have time 'cause I was running around like a maniac trying to find warm clothes for my end of the year trip. Mind you, I haven't been in cold weather for at least three years, so yeah.. I kinda have forgotten how it feels like. I'm going to post some pics of the vacation later (once I've managed to let go of my procrastination of having to stitch tons of panoramas.... =___="). Anyways, Happy New Year! \^^/

27 November 2013

Angela Arifin for Indonesia Tatler

Editor: Amadea Maya
Styled by Margaretha Novi

for Indonesia Tatler November 2013 (birthday) issue